From 1989 the Hand Delivery Service in Italy

The Delivery Agency Chain – D.A.C. S.r.l. (previously known as Delta Air Courier) has been found in 1989 as an International Air Courier specialized in “Special Services” and Hand Delivery Services for the international Financial Market serving directly the cities of Rome and Milan.

Since the beginning of 90’s, the clients pushed to have also a Magazine and DM service and D.A.C. expanded in order to accomplish clients request.

Thanks to his flexible layout and his partners, D.A.C. was able to provide mail distribution through all Italian territory and this determine the grow of his client from all European country and U.S.

To be always technologically updated and ready for future request by customers, in 2010 D.A.C. introduced the automatic sorting capability trough a VariSort. This, with the integration of other tracking systems, gave, for the first time, the ability to track every envelope/magazine that is processed in D.A.C.

Since the beginning of 2013, thanks to his experience in foreign mailings, D.A.C. started to provide Tracked Courier Service from all countries with Clearance capability for both DDU and DDP material.

Today, D.A.C., after over 20 years of experience, is on the market offering solution for any kind of addressed mailing, from Direct Marketing to Tracked Courier offering value added services and flexibility at any level.